Srbi i Bosna u srednjem veku


Slavs (Sclaveni) settled the Balkans in the 6th and 7th centuries. According to De Administrando Imperio (ca. 960), the Serbs had settled what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. They inhabited and ruled „Serbia“, which included „Bosnia“ (with two inhabited cities; Kotor and Desnik), and the maritime principalities of Travunija, Zahumlje and Paganija, the first two having been divided roughly at the Neretva river (including what is today Herzegovina). Serbia was at the time ruled by the Vlastimirović dynasty. During the rule of Mutimir (r. 851-891), the Serbs were Christianized.




Jos 1845 godine je austrijska monarhija ubrajala bosanke Muslimane u Srbe i Bosnu kao srpsku teritoriju:Karta Austrije



James Forlong
In religio-mythology, James Forlong (1824-1904) was a Scottish, road engineer, major general, and religio-mythology and comparative religions scholar noted for his erudite three-volume posthumously-published 1904 Faiths of Main: an Encyclopedia of Religions, with some rather impressive etymological entries on terms, such as “Ab”, and thinkers, such as Empedocles.


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